About Kelsey Ruger

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Learning To Try, Think and Teach

Meet Kelsey RugerMy name is Kelsey Ruger and I help companies discover and cultivate inspiring ways to create experiences people love. My job is to help them find the balance between design, technology and empathy to solve big problems, and produce results that people find meaningful and useful.

As a child, I was gifted with an active imagination and curiosity to spare. I was that kid who made classmates roll their eyes because I asked so many odd questions. Since then my imagination and curiosity have lead me to a rewarding interactive career and developing a personal mantra of “Think. Try. Teach.”

As a presenter/teacher I am passionate about sharing new ideas and unique perspectives that leave the audience a little smarter and armed with simple, practical tools to make great things happen in the workplace. I have a passion for storytelling and love using stories to make connections that people can understand and relate to.

Some Things I Believe

  • I believe that your creative abilities will drive your future success.
  • I believe that people with a solid L-directed skilled and applied R-directed skills will have a decided competitive advantage.
  • I believe that while existing “rules” and “norms” give us an important footing for navigating the world around us, the ability to experiment comfortably with and within the established boundaries will become more important.
  • I believe that anyone is capable of accessing and utilizing their reservoir of creative ability.
  • I believe we miss creative opportunities every day because we only pay attention to the common answers and normal outcomes.
  • I believe that the responsiveness, refactoring, resilience and resourcefulness will be more critical in our fast paced world than the traditional Rs of reading, writing and arithmetic.
Kelsey Ruger

About Kelsey Ruger